New Life

“My ways are not your ways, nor are your ways my ways”.

We started in the rocks. It felt incredible to be here after our first shoot was with the dead dandelions at Tremough campus.  I was feeling fearful on the way, but I learnt to focus on love and choose to believe good would come!

Ironically this shoot felt like it was about ‘new life’, what new life looks like!
I felt I was coming alive, however ironically like a baby coming into the world I felt terrified of the unknown.
However focusing on love changed my perspective and more and more freedom I started to experience…

“Let’s fly” 

This freedom was beautiful.
I felt really grimy when we originally started shooting, but I asked Jesus how he saw me and I heard Him saying “forgiven and free”. As I saw myself the way He sees me, I felt new and loved. It was incredible. God sees more than I could imagine!
Intimacy with Him is beautiful, as I realised He sees my weaknesses, my past, my failings yet he still delights in me. That is wonderfully precious.

” HOPE always is there”

Found this little gift before we took another shoot!
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Jesus is constantly showing me his hope through such a beautifully simple thing like a dandelion!

A beautiful message of hope, love and beauty.
I love dandelions!

“Precious Lamb you are mine”.

Here I was learning to let go, learning just how loved I am and that I have nothing to fear. I started to focus my mind on God’s unmissable love. I felt I looked awful, hair everywhere, but reminded myself this was a moment with Jesus and that it is HIM that makes us fully beautiful.
I let go in  that moment about what I looked like, I just knew I wanted to capture this precious moment of feeling I was coming alive again and he was making my broken pieces whole.

This picture is what sums up Beauty from Ashes for me”

– Jordan Woods.

This moment felt really special. Looking into the distance with hope and belief that good things can come. I let go and trusted that God sees me as beautiful, despite how I might feel. Mess and all – he is the one that creates the beauty (not about me efforts).

 “Be brave, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you”

Caught in action, these were exciting, innovative and fresh.
Not knowing what to expect I let the wind blow me around, catching wisps of my hair, my dress and letting go of everything else.

“Do you know that you are chosen?”

 “Freedom comes when fears are faced”

“My favourite things” 


Jordan Woods – photos (my editing).

Megan Middleton – amazing chaperone and driver!

Poppy – white dress

Dandelions – sign of new life!

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