Dandelion Poem

Did you know a dandelion starts as some dust.

Not wonderfully bright but expecting some trust.

Fragile and weak, it’s not seen to be alive

Until a child picks it up and blows with its might.

Not fully themselves until they grow into who they are.

They show ashes turn to beauty, with a look at the stars.

They are a beacon of hope as dreams are dreamt

Thoughts come alive as they each is meant.

Seeds falling to the ground not knowing the end

Dying to self, is a heart of love one needs to spend.

Do we believe a new thing can come about?

As the seeds die, does that cause any doubt?!

What did I believe for, do I trust it will come

That nothing is impossible? None none none.

What will this new thing look like?

A new birth of a life!

Rooted and grounded, not growing in strife.

All things are possible, the old has gone.

A new identity and person, from which life once shone.

Up from the grave a new birth in our midst

A sheep that was lost, a child needing a kiss.

New freedom and identity, this is what you will be given

Because you realise it was the Lord that with you has driven.

Yellow it shines as it starts to grow tall

Remembering where its been, it gives God it’s all.

Thankful and joy filled, it sees life in a new way

Realising what death had taken away.

Now is the time for a new start,

The path lit up is just a part.

Nothing is impossible he makes old things new.

The broken pieces made whole he will do the same with you.

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