Safe Place

I love to create a safe place for people when I photograph them, as I know the importance of people being able to be truly themselves, as THAT is the TRUE beauty.
Here are a few examples of a joyous shoot I did with some wonders….


Ned has a beautiful quirkiness, a beautiful sense of joy and freedom, and an ability to just BE him. He’s wonderful company.


Lucy having been shy in front of the camera started to come alive as i encouraged her into her raw beauty.
She has a serious yet playful side. Her red skirt and simple white shirt show the contrast and yet beauty of her character.

I asked her to express herself and created a safe place for her to do that. Soon she didn’t want to come away from the camera. The transformation was beautiful!


Tucked under her fur, Molly has a soft and gentle beauty. She radiates peace and welcomes people into her presence with the most beautiful smile. She is very genuine and sees the good in others.
A rare and true beauty.

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