LOVE SETS US FREE to dream and be who we are…

TRUTHS I was believing:

“Seen as I am”

“Embrace imperfection”


“Eyes of Love”

“Embrace your Journey”

“This is ME”

At Sandy Dunes. It was hard to see everyone run down the hill to the beach leaving me at the top to paint perched with my broken leg out. While painting I suddenly realised the joy when you realise everything happens for a reason and that there is beauty in the brokenness. I got to my feet and made the most of the beautiful setting. A lovely woman walking past helped me capture this moment of me accepting brokenness and a moment of allowing joy to be more real than disappointment. I loved every second. It is beautiful how life is a journey. Despite our desires and yearning for perfection, the real joy comes when you accept yourself, broken pieces and all, and walk on steadily and with confidence that you are loved as you are! This was a freeing moment for me.


Jumper: Beulah (

Glasses: Be shades (

Trousers: TK Maxx

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