Just let yourself blossom. There is no striving, just peace.

It was a beautiful summers day. I was feeling free and full of hope I went on a little adventure with a friend, Jonathan Wilson, around a beautiful garden. Dressed in a Beulah dress, and bare footed, I didn’t feel amazingly ‘beautiful’, but my heart felt free. And due to the past lessons of learning that beauty flows from the heart, I really learnt to just rest in the moment and not worry about anything else.



Do you ever think that and worry if you look messy? What would it look like to relax and look down at yourself and enjoy that moment of peace. Let your mind stop and be present. That is when you can truly blossom.

I loved how these flowers matched my dress! Simple yet beautiful. It’s the small things that matter!




Beulah – dress

Jordan Woods – photos

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