Fierce and FREE

Johanna Lees, is a great photographer and friend,
Today we did a shoot just around the bend.
Close to dark in central park,
The light was really low which helped the contrast to show.

“Fierce yet free”, were the words that I felt for this particular shoot
Streaked back my hair,  revealed my every root!
Clean and clear I noticed, the power of my purity,
Because in this photo my ring does shine…
Is this something you see?

Beauty is sometimes mistaken, as something we need to reach,
Yet hidden inside our hearts is something that lets us preach!
I’d like to share a recent finding, that has set my life so free.
That no matter what I look, beauty comes from being truly me.

Objectifying women is something very sad to see,
Because I am more than my appearance, my identity is my beauty.
But when men just see the pictures, they might think that is all there is.
But underneath the surface there is something trying to fizz!

So have a purpose and an aim, and don’t forget who you are.
Look up to the precious light and never give up this important fight.




There is a BEAUTY in purity that is worth fighting for.


Jojo Lees — photos and make up


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