Tiptoeing through the crowds,
New York is real loud!
Off to a casting for a show.
Believing it’s time to glow, glow, glow.

Is it time to dance and let myself be me,
Like children, we are created to be free.
Trying on the clothes was a real delight.
Joy filled and laughing each dress a different sight.

This is beautiful girl is called Maddie (Fidler).
A girl with a big heart, big talent and smile, so free.
A joy to meet such a beautiful breathe of fresh air!
She radiates joy, gratitude and tender care.

Thank you Maddie.

Time to rock the USA flag,
Above or below, surrounded we don’t lag.
Supporting the idea that we are each a star,
Letting ourselves shine near and far!

Then came the Kanye West casting.
For some it felt it took forever and lasting!
This pic is with the great dudes that I danced with in the corridor
While they all waited looking really bored!

LAUGH, times of joy, with these two guys.
I have got used to now not being surprised.
I was previously just casted on the spot
It was a joy as I did’t worry whether or not,
…they wanted me, but I just enjoyed that time.
Because to me, now life seems to rhyme !


Today was a simply wild day! I went to the fitting for the show I was going to be walking in. After I met a lovely girl from church in the cafe down the street. After we split ways I went to get water at the counter and noticed a model in the line. I asked her which casting she had come from. I then found the street she told me to go check out. I was outside one of the buildings and noticed Romee again. Not knowing if she would recognise me I struck up conversation and she commented that we had met the other day. A little bemused I eventually moved on and soon walked into the building opposite. I quickly got caught up with a group of people. In asking which casting this was for, they swiftly said “Kanye West”. SO I just followed them!

We went up the lift and had to sit in a queue of girls and the guys were on the opposite side. The bouncers on the door were huge and looked like they might die if they even tried to smile! Soon enough I realised the queue really wasn’t going to move quick so I thought I’d try and bring some joy to the people waiting. So I asked the guys to dance! They were slightly surprised by my request. But eventually plucked up the courage to be different and bust out some moves. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then soon I was called into the room to be casted. Not having any idea what to expect, I stepped in with courage. I had also spontaneously written a little note for Kanye to go alongside my casting card, with a fun poem on there for him. Wondering if I would actually bump into the man himself, but then realised I probably wouldn’t recognise him even if I did (which afterwards I heard that he was in the room with us!)

They got us to change and wear a skimpy leotard to then be photographed and analysed, before then putting our clothes back on. To be honest, I felt super self conscience in the leotard and not at all comfortable. So I was in some way thrilled I had no call back. To me the experience was enough in itself. However I loved meeting the people I did.

When I was in the lift on the way down I heard that Anna Wintour had been in the building at the same time as us. When we got to the ground floor I noticed some top casters who had just finished their casting for a different show. I walked boldly straight up to them and enquired about which show they had been casting for and if it was too late to be seen!? I had this overwhelming sense of peace and courage in this moment, with simply no fear of them rejecting me. It was so liberating. They agreed and so I presented them my portfolio book. They flicked through it and chuckled with me about my simply no fear of confronting them and being so forward. They seemed amazed by my fearlessness. I was surprised that they were surprised. Again it made me think….“why would I fear what they think? They don’t determine my security or beauty! I am who I am and if they don’t like that, that is totally fine, because I won’t be changing for anyone else!”

I walked out with a skip in my step. I don’t need to fear what anyone else thinks I am totally free of people’s opinions!

As I came out of the complex I came across two models smoking outside. We got into conversation and I explained what had just happened with the casters and how surprised they seemed by my courage. I asked them and chuckled about the idea that in life we can hold back so much in fear of what others think. Yet life is SO much more exhilarating and rewarding when we surrender our fear of others opinions of us. I think they also thought I was crazily bold and almost didn’t even know what to say, but spurted out – “Do you have instagram? Because I want to follow you!?” I laughed at this – this is such a 21st way of speaking and seeing life!


I loved this moment as I saw that SIMPLY BEING ME is ALL I need to be!!



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