11/9 JUST DO IT!

Tiptoeing through the crowds,
New York is real loud!
Off to a casting for a show.
Believing it’s time to glow, glow, glow.

Is it time to dance and let myself be me,
Like children, created to be free.
Trying on the clothes was a real delight.
Joy filled and laughing each dress a different sight.

This is beautiful Maddie (Fidler).
A girl with a big heart, big talent and smile, so free.
A joy to meet such a beautiful breathe of fresh air!
She radiates joy, gratitude and free from care.

Thank you Maddie.

Time to rock the USA flag,
Above or below, surrounded we don’t lag.
Supporting the idea that we are each a star,
Letting ourselves shine near and far!

Then came the Kanye West casting.
For some it felt it took forwever and lasting!
This pic is with the great dudes that I danced with in the corridor
While they all waited looking really bored!

LAUGH, times of joy, with these two guys.
I have got used to now not being surprised.
I was previously just casted on the spot
It was a joy as I did’t worry whether or not,
…they wanted me, but I just enjoyed that time.
Because to me, now life seems to rhyme !

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