12th September 2015
OFS show

Meeting Deborah, was a real highlight,
Beautiful no matter anyone’s sight.
A joy and a bubble of fun,
Perfecting every stroke, till her work is done.

When run-throughs were done and the show ready to go.
I could’t believe I got to walk in the colour that glows!
A yellow jumpsuit – my favourite colour and outfit
Walking down the runway while it was beautifully lit.

What made it more amazing, was the designer was from Nigeria.
As this is my heritage, it made me feel closer to her!
Orenteayaba thank you for all that you are.
You added to the journey of showing what it looks like to look like a star!

Then came THE William Wilde dress.
Made to quite simply glimmer and impress.
The floor slippery, and the dress quite long,
I kept it together as this moment could have gone wrong.

The most beautiful dress, with it’s colour and shine,
It would make every woman feel simply divine.
But just at the end with a need to not slip.
I spun right around being careful it didn’t rip.

Walking back the dress got caught under my feet.
So thinking on the spot, I realised I needed to do something neat.
William WILD is exactly his name,
So I did a spin and a twirl with simply no shame.

The crowd they cheered and I heard them utter “yes”.
Realizing I had made beauty from what could have been a mess.
This glorious moment was topped right at the end.
After re-walking forward to the press I showed I did not pretend.

This was a truly magical moment as I ran back to the top.
The light glistening everywhere, helped by the plain backdrop!


Oxford Fashion Studio Show:

Glam Squad make up:


William Wilde:

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