Black History Month

What is “Black”? What is meant by colour and race? 
Why do we fear difference, when it’s something we should embrace.
What makes us ever think that somethings are more superior?
Perspective is important and no one should ever feel inferior.
Black is a word that actually means to “shine”,
CMYK: the colours are simply divine.
No colour, yet all the colours in one, 
Black is beautiful and reminds me: colour is fun.
The past is the past and the way some were treated
It’s something to be confronted but not one to be reheated.
Equality and freedom is what we aim for…
Black month is a time to remember this some more.
Nelson Mandela for instance, a man of faith and truth.
He set free a nation and cracked many roofs…
He had a dream that we have seen now come true, 
And because of his life I have seen there’s no darkness I can’t walk through.
No fear of death, imprisonment or chains.
He faced his situation with grace, despite the pains.
This taught me that no matter my situation.
There is freedom to be had, and true transformation.
To accept yourself just as you are,
Not constantly regretting you are not all that far,
But enjoying the moment and learning from mistakes.
Takes away perfectionism and the attempts to act fake.
So it’s taught me that so often strength comes through difficulty.
Because despite the racial divide Mandela knew he was free.
It just took one man to stand for the truth and the black race
To speak with authority and yet so much grace.
So what is it that you want to see change?
Is something not right that you feel is seen as normal but deep down it is “strange”?
What is that something stirring inside?
You feel it, embrace it and with this, now don’t hide.
This is your gem, there’s a reason you feel this way
Don’t fear the questions, battle and day.
But embrace the struggle and the fears that do come.
Because courage isn’t being fearless, but it’s living like you have won.
Freedom is a vital part of life,
No matter your situation have peace and not strife.
Today is the day to be fully who you are
To realise there’s none like you as you’re a unique star.
So what does “black” connate with for you?
What is a struggle in life that you want to see through?
We all have those places we don’t feel heard or seen.
Those moments that we regret or wish we hadn’t been.
But beauty can be found even within the dark.
Because in those moments one can create a new, bright spark.
The darkness is needed for us to then see the light.
Revealing a new destiny that you didn’t know was so bright.

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