Fragrance Fun

Styled and made up, by Ruth, was her name.
I had had a lot of fun, the time then came
Tired yet ready for what was ahead.
A didn’t just have one rose, but pretty much a bed!

Roses are a flower that are created to bloom
Red, orange, pink – for colours, there is always room.
Their fragrance so sweet, they just seem to ‘be’
There is something about a rose that makes me feel free.


I smiled as I thought about my special ring.
I felt in my element, as I realised it’s stillness I can bring.
There is something about flowers we all seem to enjoy.
Whether celebration, illness, death or a party, roses do bring joy!

They’re so simple, yet so fragile and cause no fuss.
They remind me to “BE” as that is my purpose!
To open up and then to let all of the light in
To remind myself of the fragrance,
that pours out from within.

Black backgrounds, let the colour stand out more.
Sometimes life is hard, but that is what ‘hope’ is for.
It builds you up and makes you strong.
And helps you define what might be, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Stretch, relax and soon you’ll see.
There is no better destiny.
Than the one you have and the person you are.
The end isn’t close, but also not all that far.

So look beyond the today, and remember you’re a rose.
Just be within the problems, they will soon decompose.
There is life within everything, just take time to look.

This shoot was just London Make Up School and my makeup was done by  Ruth Avril. She really brought a lot of joy and we had some wonderful conversations while she did my make up. She was hugely encouraging towards me and found my outlook on life really refreshing. I found her very refreshing too in fact and her company irreplaceable!

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