Innocence & Elegance

This shoot was with photographer, Martin Lea,
And there were many things I came to see.
Especially that elegance and purity,
Are what I want to shine through me.


“Yes” I am a woman, But “no” I am not an object.
It makes me angry even at the prospect.
I am more than just my looks, and form.
This ideology of perfection has become beauty’s norm.


But as I gazed into the camera, I felt quite strange.
This is something in life I would love to change.
How women see themselves and by others are viewed.
To bring back our innocence that can be misconstrued.


Innocence is a beautiful aspect..
In itself can create huge respect.
So don’t hide away or look down in shame.
Keep up your eyes and let grace cover your name.


Wrongs like red, made white as snow.
With nothing to prove, what will you show?
A heart of love and peace like a dove.
Rest in the arms of Almighty above.


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