Messy Heart to Album Cover

You have got to let everything out once in a while. Creativity for me is the best way to do it. I loved doing this piece. I gave myself complete freedom to get messy and see what would happen. I had no plan other than “BE FREE, RELEASE LIFE”.

As the ink splodges fell and smudges were created I started to see the essence of a flower appear. Amazed I started to form a few marks and the piece progressed. The paper was so huge, it gave me space to explore and feel the paint as I did so. The emerging flower caught me off guard and sparked joy inside my heart at the reality of surprises arising within spontaneous creativity.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Then afterwards, once I had photographed the piece, I used photoshop to create some beautiful designs. These were some that came from it…

A friend then asked to use this piece on her album cover…
So from a messy heart to a cover of an album, was an inspiring journey to see this piece take!

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