Be Childlike!

“It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom”
– Charles Fillmore.
“There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child”
Children are fascinating in the ways that they live and see the world. Their perspective is always refreshing. They have a soul dependence on their parents and trust that they are in safe hands. So what does it look like to live like a child? To be totally carefree, joy filled and trusting that we are safe in our Fathers arms? The more I have learnt the more I have realised I need to keep stripping myself back and remain like a child. Charles Fillmore is spot on when he says the kingdom is found by the mind of a child. So lets learn from the children, let’s watch and learn how they respond to situations and how they consistently love, smile and forgive those that hurt them.
Child like…
No matter the time, the face or idea.
Childlikeness is just like a spear
I never thought I could be made new.
Back to the beginning, hand in hand with you.
All alone a child in your arms and eyes.
So precious in your sight, you always surprise.
A smile is plastered to my face.
Jesus, there’s nothing like your embrace.
Sweet sound in my ear. It’s a Bulls eye with you.
In your presence I find breakthrough.
I was made for love, passion and to be free.
Thank you God for making me me!
Fully alive and fully seen.
I’m a child, back to how I’m meant to be.
Stripped back, in yellow wellies.
I will take those steps of faith, even when my knees are like jelly!
God I trust you. No matter the season or the time.
You’re always with me, you say “you’re mine”.
There’s no place I can go without having you by my side.
Your love is so incredibly high, deep and wide!
I love you Jesus. Everything about you.
Thank you Jesus. Everyday day is a time for breakthrough.
“You can always be childlike without being childish…” – Christopher Meloni.

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