Breathtaking beauty. Perspective refreshed.
Mountain peaks towering, with clouds that caress.
Blue skies are blooming, the heat I can see.
So in awe as I look upon majestic beauty.

Land in the distance so far I can’t see.
Road tracks going through every city.
People inhabit the places down there.
This new perspective is something to share.

Field upon field so brown and so dry.
Clusters of trees and round circles. Not sure why!?
This is amazing and all that I need.
Hope in the view, for me it’s planting a seed.

Coming away and finding new places.
Creating inspiration and honouring spaces.
Vast expanse of land is before me.
My heart is excited and waiting expectantly.

What is in store on this adventure ahead?
Faith I will need in each step that I tread.
But there’s no need to fear or worry at all.
As Gods grace is enough, on me it will fall.

Wow. The sun is now beaming. I’m squinting  my eyes.
Jesus I’m ready for many a surprise.
The one question I have though, is simply just “why?”
I couldn’t feel happier having the chance to fly!

I love it. I love it. I love it a lot!
This is definitely my happy spot!
So high above the world and so dependent on you.
Waiting for something beautifully new.

No idea what to expect or what will happen today.
But all I ask is : please teach me to pray!

Wow,  I can now see the sea!
That came quite unexpectedly.
Oh we are so nearly landing on the ground once again!
London till now. So many places since then!


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