Valentine’s Day

Love encapsulates, surrounds and hears.
In “perfect love’s” presence there is no fear.
Love is the answer, whether in acts big or small.
Love is like rivers. Love covers all.

Love is sacrificial, it’s in places unseen.
Love never judges, yet knows where you’ve been.
Love is so simple yet so rare to find.
Love doesn’t regret but let’s you rewind.

Love is so strong, yet more than a “feeling”.
True heavenly love, brings true heart healing.
Love is a force deep down inside.
Love is a person that can’t be denied.

Today whilst we celebrate Valentine’s Day.
This is the moment to simply say.
May you feel loved with a passionate embrace.
From the King of all Kings. And the God of all grace.

May you feel pursued and seen from within.
May this day mark “it’s time to sing”.
To rejoice in Gods beauty and all that it brings
And to know in your heart that over you Christ sings.

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