It’s a little girls dream to be seen and adored
To be beckoned by a prince and cherished and explored.
To be relished and prized by the Pursuit of a King.
That then within his presence she’ll start to sing.

So angelic and so beautiful it all seems to be
Is this reality or is it just a wild dream?
I can only hope and believe this is how he sees me.
That out of dark places he crafted my beauty.

He was there in the dark places that no one else saw.
He said, “my daughter, my love, it’s you I adore.”
Rest in my presence and seep in my love.
As I reign before you I reign from above.

Lover, rest in my hopes that I’ll never leave your side.
My promises are always true and can never be denied.
Trust in my goodness and reside in my heart.
You are my masterpiece. You’re my work of art.

Trust my princess and rise on my wings.
Hold out your hands. Now start to sing.
You are so beautiful so adored and so seen.
Oh my delight. Please start to dream.

Nothing is impossible and I’m here in your eyes.
You are my treasure. You are my prize.
Shine, child shine. Allow yourself to do.
Because you are a miracle. It’s you I pursue.

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