Embracing Oneself

I’ve been amazed by how much our minds can be filled with the idea of what we are not. Always wanting to be thinner, taller, blonder, darker, curlier hair, straighter hair, darker skin, lighter skin…. We are never satisfied. For me it was the same. Never content with what I was given. Yet over the last few years while taking an intentional journey into ‘freedom’ I have been really super aware of my mindset and been learning to train it! Joy is only possible with thankfulness. Over these years I have seen a shift within myself and my perspective. Right now (as I am challenged to speak from the present) I am not as skinny and toned as I was a couple of years ago (a little unhealthily so) I am now content in myself, with a new joy and a new ability to love my body despite it not being in ‘perfect’ shape. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that perfection doesn’t breed contentment. Thankfulness does.

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