Journeying into Liberty

Arriving into New York I had to find my way from the airport to Brooklyn with all my luggage, on my own and late at night. I had never done this before, but knew roughly how to. As I waited at the bus stop I had an inkling I might need a ticket to board. Yet just as I turned to go back and get one, a bus pulled up. In faith I boarded it and the man let me. As I did I got into conversation with a few others roughly my age and who seemed to also be from the UK. While chatting they asked what ‘event’ I was going to that night and I explained it was run by a church. They then went on to ask me which church I attended in London and ended up knowing and being friends with my siblings and others who I know! What a small world. We chatted and laughed about the outrageous journey I had taken in getting to this place. As I sat there for the next hour or so, I was simply blown away that I had actually arrived and how good God was to provide familiar people for me along the journey. I invited them to come to church with me on the Sunday coming up and then parted ways…

At Grand Central I was fumbling around with my money, trying to buy a metro card. While holding up the queue two men behind me kindly helped me out. One of which ended up being a marker of some of the work produced by my University. I couldn’t believe it. Again a gift and familiar ground for me to help me feel more at home on this wild trip. I moved on towards Brooklyn and eventually found it. Coming out of the station, a huge smile crept across my face as I looked at a HUGE wall mural with the word “YES” on it!  I felt Jesus so gently thank me for saying “YES” to His plans and following His lead.

I walked down the street and found Liberty Church, with its yellow banners flying in the wind! I walked in and was greeted by the sweet girl my friend had connected me with. I was a little late and walked in with tears rolling down my face at the reality that I had arrived. They were half way through the song “Reckless Love” which moved me, as I had left London half way through this same song, and there I was arriving on the other side of the ocean to the same song for the final half of the song! WOW!



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