Butterfly Fly

I am a big lover of treasure hunts, and ultimately believe that life is one BIG treasure hunt, where we get to join the dots and discover the clues lead somewhere we never expected. In the summer of 2018 I had a very random yet beautiful moment happen that so beautifully confirmed the next steps I would be taking in life, simply due to having a child like heart, listening ears and through creativity. Art truly can speak! 





It started last summer at a silent disco
Dancing to the music and going with the flow.
Then I turned to the green channel that had no sound.
Instead I heard God’s voice through a picture I then found.
It was of a caterpillar, I had no idea why.
So like a child, I told a friend (Chris) and didn’t act shy.
He said it was relevant for his next season.
I was surprised and knew I had shared it for a reason.

Just after I told him a woman came to me.
Surprised by my presence, she couldn’t believe it to be.
She reminded me she had bought a painting of mine.
A year before, of a butterfly in flight.

So amazed at the timing of her simple words.
She asked me if to that event, I would return.
But instead I said I probably wouldn’t be.
She agreed they wouldn’t either, as they were going to Redding city!

I was blown away, as I was going there too.
Unbelievably we then found out we were both leaving on August 22!
Undone by this connection and how it came to be.
I felt it was prophetic for this year to be full of liberty.

Butterflies ever since have been a major theme.
Reminding me of transformation and the power we have to dream.
A totally new identity, and a whole new skin.
Flying in colours that were once always kept within.

Opening doors through which before we couldn’t walk through.
Yet now we can walk in freedom and beautiful breakthrough.
Nothing is impossible, God loves to speak through art.
This is just a glimpse of the depth of His heart.

When I saw these paintings on the streets of Redding city.
Chris was randomly in town and we couldn’t believe how the paintings told the story!
From a giraffe with headphones, to a caterpillar on the door.
Butterflies freely flying, symbolising: it is time to soar! 🦋


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