YWAM Kona Team

In January I had the beautiful opportunity of visiting the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii. I went with a creative team from Bethel, led by Theresa Dedmon. Our aim was to train up the illustration school on base and provide supernatural creative ideas and tools with which they can share God through creativity.

On arriving, we were told that a woman had been praying for 20 years for supernatural creativity to be taught in YWAM. So this was a huge blessing to discover that she said we were an answer to her prayers.

Our team was phenomenal and such a unique mix of personalities, skills and gifts. Each person brought such a beautifully unique flavour to the team.

Each day we had classes for the illustration group and I had the honour of mentoring two girls throughout the week: Eve and Sylvia. Two women with very different ambitions and backgrounds, yet two gems that I got to know over the week and to see them use their creativity transform other’s lives in such a sweet way. Seeing them grow in courage and see the power of their art to influence and impact other’s lives was a true privilege.

I personally even had moments of being able to create and dream again about some dreams that were first placed on my heart about 5 years ago. This banner is one I started at the start of Second year, but is the 5th banner I have done! It reminded me of how these all started for me back in 2015 and refreshed my passions, dreams and heart to see ‘true beauty’ recaptured and captivate people’s hearts and minds.

Thank you


Theresa Dedmon

Kona team

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