You are, 5 Star! (Day 21)

Today after finishing my day of photography I met a lovely friend, Matilda in convent garden. We found a cute café, Timber Yard and ate there. We chatted away about her audition the next day. I felt a huge heart for her and really wanted to encourage her about a few things, one being the importance of […]

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Head Bang! (Day 20)

Today I sadly whacked my head on a plastic board while photographing the Coleman Douglas Pearl jewellery collection. I took quite a whack. However despite the bang we continued photographing and captured some they seemed pretty happy with which was wonderful. In the evening I went to a lovely friends house party where she was […]

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Faith (Day 18)

Today was a beautiful day. We travelled to some friends for lunch and then got back home in time for church. The talk was spot on to everything I’ve been thinking about this week which blessed me so much. It was all about Mary and her response to the call God had on her life. […]

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JOY (Day 17)

Joy that is beyond circumstances…It comes from THANKFULNESS. After meeting two friends today I just felt I was floating this afternoon. Totally not worried about anything really but fully enjoying London life at Christmas with nothing else on my mind. I am not an avid fan of the “stuff” involved with Christmas. The unnecessary gifts […]

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Just Start your Passion (Day 16)

  Take time to do what YOU love most. Today I had a wonderful time exploring the charity shops on kings road with a friend. And then she lovingly treated me to a yummy juice to give me energy for my ride home. I whizzed back with one thing in mind: my christmas commission. With super excitement […]

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Courage and Kindness (Day 15)

Today I received a huge gift of another’s time and attention. Someone willing to pursue greater freedom with me. To see what areas I can experience even more freedom in. This was particularly special as it’s not everyday that people have that sort of time and care for you. I loved every second and saw life […]

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