Release Life!

You have GOT to let everything out once in a while. Creativity for me is the BEST way to do it. I LOVED doing this piece. Just complete freedom to get messy and see what would happen. I had no plan other than “BE FREE, RELEASE LIFE”. As the ink splodges feel and smudges were […]

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Beauty in Mistakes

  Have you ever feared messing up? Making a mistake or failing? I can say you’re not alone, life isn’t about easy sailing. But I do believe there can be a beauty within the mess and mistakes. Just as this beautiful moment revealed in its wake. Helping take photos of my friends creative space. I […]

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Speak HOPE

Hope is formed through the tears and the sun.   From that place we see the colour that brings us all our  fun.     So why is it that we are afraid to share our pain.   To not let out the tears so we can then dance in the rain.   Freedom is found when we walk […]

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Broken yet Whole

“Enough as I am” Created piece of artwork from splurges of ink and pen pulling them all together to create the shape of a broken and yet whole butterfly. With these both I created this design and eventually the word “Broken made Whole” Brokenness is now how I see our power   Rebuking any pride that comes […]

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Have you ever questioned who you are? What is your DNA?  Or even who someone else is? I love to see the beauty INSIDE people! This one I created for my incredible mother! She seems with love and is a warrior for all those that meet her. She has been a huge inspiration to me […]

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