BE – Behind the scenes

  Having no idea what to expect as arrived on shoot at the Barbican Centre, I was happily greeted by a group of people. After finding our spot to call our ‘base’, we moved into action! The team was a wonderful collection of male and female, stylists, make up artist and photographers. My first outfit […]

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Black History Month

BLACK What is “Black”? What is meant by colour and race?  Why do we fear difference, when it’s something we should embrace. What makes us ever think that somethings are more superior? Perspective is important and no one should ever feel inferior. Black is a word that actually means to “shine”, CMYK: the colours are […]

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13/9 Surprises in the Journey

Time to hit the market and find one special thing. For a moment to remember, I found this special ring. A ball and a drop placed around the side. Reminding me I’m seen, and never can I hide. It reminds me of the song of which I recently did write. Turning tears into joy, showing me […]

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