Which Way to Go?

Setting off on a long run this morning… I was ready to sweat as the clock had already stuck 9 and after an hour the heat would be quite high! The views were beautiful and the sun was beaming. Coming to the end of my (probably) sweatiest run ever, I wanted to try and shortcut […]

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In the morning, we had the opportunity of doing something quite special. Everyone loves a special surprise on the street. So we thought how best to go randomly bless a Hong Kong teenager! And what better than a decorated fan (it’s pretty hot here in the summer!). So we coloured in two plain fans and […]


Bananas on the bus!

First full day in Hong Kong…completed! What a better way than to start it with bananas on the bus!? Hahaha….is ALL I can say. Today has been very up and down with amazing parts, teary times, rainy parts, spicy tastes and “wow” moments. I can’t understand a word that they are all saying (when my […]

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Arriving in Hong Kong

So I have arrived in the land of Hong KONG yesterday evening! As we landed I was truly in awe of the fact that I am in a place that I have never been before. A completely NEW land to me. That feeling can replace no other. It felt amazingly special to feel that feeling. […]

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