Seen and Known

  What a gift…. He looks into my eyes And I receive a sweet surprise. He looks into my heart. And even likes my broken parts.       He looks into my soul. And said “my grace makes you whole” He looks at how I cope. And says: “let Me be your Hope”.   […]

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Gold Cracks

In the autumn leaves, all scattered on the floor. Lying on my back and it’s laughter I explore There is so much in the world for each of us to find Yet moments like this, let your heart unwind. It’s quite a magical discovery, realising all I have to be is “me”. That I don’t […]

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Renewed, Refreshed, Revitalised

Washed and renewed in the presence of life Healed and refreshed, no space for strife. Laughing and playing in the waters so blue Enjoying every moment as I simply breakthrough. Smiles of joy break out around As the water splashing is such a joyful sound. Holding my head and surrounded by┬áH20 Resting in the peace, […]

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Petals and Purity

  Just rest within the daisies and trees Feel the wind in your hair, feel the soft breeze Stop for a moment to appreciate the flowers Rest in the present, receive grace that then showers. Sitting in green pastures, at bay in your heart. Working on the thoughts, making works of art Not troubled by […]

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Ada-Jane Moore

  Inspiring work by Ada-Jane Moore. Excited to see all the rest she has in store. So humble, and kind, yet talented beyond belief. Getting her work shot was such a relief!   So many styles yet comfort with each. It’s rowing teams she wishes to reach. With the pattern and size she has beautifully […]

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Surf Girl

We travelled to a beach I’d never been before. It was an interesting day meeting the team that I had never met before. It was such a chilled out shoot with decisions made at the time as to how they wanted them captured. Molly Jonson was doing the photography and such a wonderful girl to […]

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How Are You Positioned?

  So often in life it isn’t just about what you’re doing, but it’s about how you are doing it. Take tennis for instance – you have to have a good position before hitting the ball for the optimum strength and shot. This applies to life as well! Our minds are the first things that […]

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