“Shine Bright” (Day 2)

So today I started the day with quite a lazy morning and a question of how best to plan the day ahead. Being a Friday I had planned in to go to the car boot sale (that I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but always putting it off!). However today I went for it! […]

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Honour His Presence

This morning I woke up with a real spring in my step. I headed out for a run. This time I chose not to take my phone as I’ve realised lately how much I depend on it. Instead I took my water bottle and key! I decided I wanted to be in the moment and […]

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Mindfulness and Moments

Last night I had an incredible moment. I was going home for dinner and some “me” time. (I’ve lately been really learning to set aside time to just be and enjoy time for myself). So despite knowing my friends were at the pub, I really knew I needed to choose to have some ‘down’ time. Whilst eating, […]

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“In order to say YES to your priorities, you have to be willing to say NO to something else” Recently I have been really interested by the prospect of PRIORITIES. It’s really made me question what mine are as well as made me question:”Where do I spend my time?”. Time is a really precious thing. […]

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My sister from a young age has been my main inspiration in so many different areas of my life. While I was going through a questioning time, before I came to uni a few years ago, I’ll never forget these simple yet profound words my sister turned to tell me “ENJOY THE JOURNEY Jessica” (she […]



      On my way to a casting on Friday I really felt a sense that I need to “let go” of life in the way I see things should go and embrace how God plans them to go. These last few days have really been beckoning me to take a leap of faith […]

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