Day 10 — OFS SHOW!

12/9 OFS show. Meeting Deborah, was a real highlight, Beautiful no matter anyone’s sight. A joy and a bubble of fun, Perfecting every stroke, till her work is done. When run-throughs were done and the show ready to go. I could’t believe I got to walk in the colour that glows! A yellow jumpsuit – […]

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Time to hit the market and find one special thing. For a moment to remember, I found this special ring. A ball and a drop placed around the side. Reminding me I’m seen, and never can I hide. It reminds me of the song of which I recently did write. Turning tears into joy, showing me […]

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11/9 JUST DO IT!

Tiptoeing through the crowds, New York is real loud! Off to a casting for a show. Believing it’s time to glow, glow, glow. Is it time to dance and let myself be me, Like children, created to be free. Trying on the clothes was a real delight. Joy filled and laughing each dress a different sight. This […]

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