You are Significant

I was sitting in a coffee shop nearby the shows and without a ticket decided I’d go along to the venue anyway to see what might happen. I stood just opposite the venue and a man approached me about Wilhemenia model agency in Tokyo, I thanked him but explained the distance wouldn’t quite work! Then […]

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12/9 OFS show. Meeting Deborah, was a real highlight, Beautiful no matter anyone’s sight. A joy and a bubble of fun, Perfecting every stroke, till her work is done. When run-throughs were done and the show ready to go. I could’t believe I got to walk in the colour that glows! A yellow jumpsuit – […]

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13/9 Surprises in the Journey

Time to hit the market and find one special thing. For a moment to remember, I found this special ring. A ball and a drop placed around the side. Reminding me I’m seen, and never can I hide. It reminds me of the song of which I recently did write. Turning tears into joy, showing me […]

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Magic with Friends

    Arriving in New York was an exciting yet daunting moment. I knew so few people but the few I did were real treasures and were able to introduce me to some other precious people too. This was one of my first nights there with lovely Jo Jo Lees. Outside The Met Museum. We […]

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