JEANET IS A JOY BRINGER. This is an important time. Of saying to Jesus he’s one of a kind. Your passion and zest for life, are truly inspiring May this be a day of a Godly rewiring. Baptism a time to be cleansed and made whole. To let go of the past and let […]

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Maddie, beautiful not only on the outside, but from inside out She captures hearts without a need to shout. Styled in colour, she isn’t afraid of her beauty. Confident yet hidden, she opens eyes to see. I’m inspired by her boldness to be completely unique When she sings, just wait, as that is her at […]

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Cosy and snug, tucked up and warm, Capturing Ali, as she radiates beauty in many forms. She confident yet kind and always lends an ear. She is bold, and strong, and doesn’t seem to fear. Her smile is her beauty and always brings out hope. NO matter what the situation she believes one can always cope. She […]

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Fran is a dancer, with a strong, yet quiet and “still” beauty, I was inspired taking photos,  of what I got to see. There’s a softness to her character and a beauty from within, She smiles at any moment, whether in defeat or knowing that she’ll win. She is kind and compassionate and always loves and cares. She […]

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