Gold Stone

Normal. Like dust, but more compressed. Grey and shallow, not fancily dressed. Crumpled and patterned nothing overdone. So simple yet unique, can I bring fun? Stone, stone. A wonderful thing. I can be overlooked, when no one is noticing. But gold, gold. I am covered in gold. Suddenly people notice, yet the story untold. Picked […]

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UNION 12/11/16

What a father that comes into the mess.  He doesn’t condemn. He just leads me to confess.  His love so pure, so beautiful and So endless.  No mistake makes him love me less.    I’m chosen, I’m his and I’m enough as I am.  Picked up in his arms. Like a little lamb.  Remembered and […]

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Gylly. 13/11

The calm, the beauty is tranquil The memories are vivid and still The water is lapping up gently. This safe place, is where I found out Gods Will. Nothing is better than here. No place calms every fear. No place makes me feel so at home. Whether with others or even on my own. Wow […]

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My Birthday

Times press on and times change. Hope restored. Mind rearranged. Amazing how life can be so fragile and weak. Yet there’s power in declaration as we begin to speak. The mess is the beauty, so why do we hide. These are moments that can’t be denied. Hope and restoration all in His name. Shackles are […]

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No shame just freedom, love and joy. Loved and known, you can’t annoy. Light, forgiveness and generosity. You welcome visitors in. And BOOM, they feel free. No shame. No shame to shout out loud. To be quiet or unseen, within the big crowd. Hope restored and beauty instilled. Invited and accepted = #thrilled! A culture […]

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Be Childlike!

“It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom” – Charles Fillmore. “There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child” (Katerina Children are fascinating in the ways that they live and see the world. Their perspective is always refreshing. They have a soul dependence on their […]

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To me what is beauty? It’s the capturing of the unseen, It’s an expression of the heart, It’s a journey from the start And it’s IN you and it’s IN me. It’s the good parts and the bad It’s the scrapes and the scars, It’s in authenticity and freedom, It’s in the breaking down of […]

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