Pursuit. (17/2/17)

It’s a little girls dream to be seen and adored To be beckoned by a prince and cherished and explored. To be relished and prized by the Pursuit of a King. That then within his presence she’ll start to sing. So angelic and so beautiful it all seems to be Is this reality or is […]

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Doubt. (16/2/17) Doubt. So false and so fake. There is nothing to it. Like a wave without a wake. Doubt. It holds no life. It creates fear and creates strife. Doubt is like an object so empty and void. A shape with no colour. A thought to avoid. No emotions. So bland it remains. Doubt […]

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Valentine’s Day (14/2/17)

Love encapsulates, surrounds and hears. In “perfect love’s” presence there is no fear. Love is the answer, whether in acts big or small. Love is like rivers. Love covers all. Love is sacrificial, it’s in places unseen. Love never judges, yet knows where you’ve been. Love is so simple yet so rare to find. Love […]

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Gangsterism (13/2/17).

Waking up from a tired sleep. Wrapped up in fear. A fear so deep. Wanting belonging and to be accepted and known. But yet deep down feeling so sad and alone. Where is my family? Where do I belong? I can’t find a person, a place or a song. My heart is burning and I […]

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Beauty from pain (12/2/17)

The Grace of Jesus isn’t something to forget. To get so comfortable, that we then don’t “expect”. Beauty from the pain and freedom for the Slave. All because of what Jesus did and gave. His gift is life, forgiveness, hope and love. All from His beauty that flows from above. A gift so great we […]

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Trust (12/2/17)

  Sand sifted, but keeping hopes and dreams, Life cherished, beauty seen. No matter what happens, remaining steadfast and sure. Facing situations we can endure. All within your Makers hands. Walking with you to promise lands. I love you and you love me. Broken chains. I’m so free. Hope given, a treasure from you. I’ll […]

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Walking on water.

Walking on water. (7//2/17)  “I’ve never felt like I’m walking on water as much as now”.  Blind and obeying, trusting “I’ll make it somehow.” Enjoying every step with laughter and joy. Simply feeling, nothing could annoy. So free, so childlike, no failure with You. Just walking forward, expecting breakthrough! Waiting and listening to your direction […]

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