1st February Prayed if God wants me to go to Africa that the next day I would get accommodation. 2nd February 6:05am. I received an email from a friend, Michael, saying I could stay at his! I walked into uni while planning my shoot with Megan Hemsworth at gylly. I went and wrote out notes […]

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Project Ideas and Verses

19th January: Asking about the direction I go for this project? I read this in BIOY this morning : Prisons….. In spite of the fact that ‘the Lord was with Joseph’, having resisted temptation, he then suffered terrible injustice (v.19 onwards) and ended up confined in prison (v.20). He lost his liberty but not his […]

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First step on the Journey

Africa journey. I had this niggle on my heart about going to Africa and felt a beckoning to go. But I ignored it for a while thinking nothing of it and not thinking that God could agree to such a wild and spontaneous trip.  Yet the more I put it off the more it niggled […]

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Which Way to Go?

Setting off on a long run this morning… I was ready to sweat as the clock had already stuck 9 and after an hour the heat would be quite high! The views were beautiful and the sun was beaming. Coming to the end of my (probably) sweatiest run ever, I wanted to try and shortcut […]

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Bananas on the bus!

First full day in Hong Kong…completed! What a better way than to start it with bananas on the bus!? Hahaha….is ALL I can say. Today has been very up and down with amazing parts, teary times, rainy parts, spicy tastes and “wow” moments. I can’t understand a word that they are all saying (when my […]

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Arriving in Hong Kong

So I have arrived in the land of Hong KONG yesterday evening! As we landed I was truly in awe of the fact that I am in a place that I have never been before. A completely NEW land to me. That feeling can replace no other. It felt amazingly special to feel that feeling. […]

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Day 10 — OFS SHOW!

12/9 OFS show. Meeting Deborah, was a real highlight, Beautiful no matter anyone’s sight. A joy and a bubble of fun, Perfecting every stroke, till her work is done. When run-throughs were done and the show ready to go. I could’t believe I got to walk in the colour that glows! A yellow jumpsuit – […]

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