Trust (12/2/17)

  Sand sifted, but keeping hopes and dreams, Life cherished, beauty seen. No matter what happens, remaining steadfast and sure. Facing situations we can endure. All within your Makers hands. Walking with you to promise lands. I love you and you love me. Broken chains. I’m so free. Hope given, a treasure from you. I’ll […]

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Walking on water.

Walking on water. (7//2/17)  “I’ve never felt like I’m walking on water as much as now”.  Blind and obeying, trusting “I’ll make it somehow.” Enjoying every step with laughter and joy. Simply feeling, nothing could annoy. So free, so childlike, no failure with You. Just walking forward, expecting breakthrough! Waiting and listening to your direction […]

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Creation. (8/2/17)

Breathtaking beauty. Perspective refreshed. Mountain peaks towering, with clouds that caress. Blue skies are blooming, the heat I can see. So in awe as I look upon majestic beauty. Land in the distance so far I can’t see. Road tracks going through every city. People inhabit the places down there. This new perspective is something […]

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Jump (7/2/17). What is the plan? Where are you in this all? I’m trusting that I won’t ever fall. I can’t see you, but you said to “jump”. So here I am…. Finding Joy over every bump! Laughter is key and fun is now too. The process is the beauty. So fresh and so new. […]

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Mystery (6/2/17)

Life is a mystery. A mystery to live. Sometimes I want answers God doesn’t need to give. But life is a Mystery, A mystery to be explored. Adventure awaits, for those that ask for more. An adventure takes risk and risk is wild and free. It takes faith that causes true intimacy. Mystery. Oh what […]

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LIFE song (3/2/17)

Life is a mystery born to live. Hopes given, hearts called to forgive. Beauty in heaven, reigning on down. Mystery enthralled in wearing our crown. Hope in the highest Hope through it all. Hope in the darkest When on our knees we fall. Hope in the mystery. Hope in the rain Freedom for captives. Freedom […]

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