Freedom in Trust…


Wimbledon has been so so much fun so far…

The most amazing day happened today though, I must admit!

I was given a pair of tickets to centre court as a debenture seat…
My friend sadly couldn’t stay with me, and knowing most of my friends were working till late I posted on my fb status to see if anyone was around!

Harry Campbell then fb messaged me to say he was keen and if it was still available. I messaged back to say “yessss”…

Soon enough he was at the gate and I went to collect him…


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Later in our conversation, during the pauses within the game, Harry explained about his afternoon plans and showed me his previous messages to a friend. Not knowing what to do for the afternoon they had planned to go to the pub.  However Harry then suggested “Wimbledon?“. Soon declaring that he would “get centre court tickets“! Much to his friends amusement and confusion, he asked Harry how!? This was at 4:18pm. I then posted my status (completely unaware of Harry’s story!) at 4:30pm! Harry swiftly messaged me by 5pm to ask to join!

This amazed me so so much. What a little faith and declaration can do…



With such a joy in his step about being there, Harry was adamant to celebrate with a pimms! I couldn’t resist than to take an arty shot…



The joy was outrageous. We watched the end of Murray’s game followed by an incredible game by Jack Sock. Half way through, and very wittingly (I thought!) I came up with a phrase to shout out on behalf of Jack….

Being an external processor, I shared the thought with Harry, who a few games later decided he would claim it as his own!
With only a few chuckles, I didn’t believe we had done the phrase justice.
Then a few games on I shouted the same thing. However it must have been completely the wrong timing….silence!

But to my surprise, a few more games later, someone from way behind us shouted it uber loudly and a sea of chuckles filled the stadium…!
Harry and I looked at each other, quite bemused – was it our deliverance, timing or tone that went wrong we were thinking!? Who will ever know! But I still claim the phrase as my own! haha.




Later on I bumped into some school friends and we went to try and see tennis on No. 2 court, with no luck we thought what better than to take some pics and show our appreciation to the grounds!


Harry definitely taught me the outrageous freedom in trust, generosity and thankfulness. The surprise of events that happened that night was incredible…from receiving those tickets, we went on to be given two meals for the price of one, eating it in Wimbledon park surrounded by huge crowds of teenagers. We were then randomly invited into an 18th party with a wonderful dance floor and music, and ending the evening in Po nana – by getting to the front of the queue and meeting a pro tennis player, Lloyd Glasspool inside, who asked us to join their table with him and his friend.

It was a wild night, to say the least!







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